But, glasses are cool!

Part 2 of Arthur video

A lot of people seem to have the idea that wearing glasses are lame and uncool, and wearing glasses will get you teased in school. Even the video above, from Arthur, shows how he was teased in school because of his glasses - though who sleeps with their glasses on anyway?

Since I was very young, I’ve been wearing glasses so I would hope that I’ve learnt a little something about glasses these past two decades. I’ve never been teased because of them though, interestingly enough, or perhaps I was just too oblique to realise it.

When I was little though, I used to pick out a pair of glasses with multitudes of different colours on the rims. They were very large on my face, but for some reason I thought 1. that it would help me in reading more easily if they were big (more surface area?) 2. the rainbows were cool.

They certainly came in handy on the playground when all the kids stood on benches with one kid in the middle as an alligator. If a colour was called and you were wearing it, you could pass by the ‘alligator’ kid without danger, but if you weren’t wearing that colour you had to run for your life.

It was a tenuous argument at best to say that colour was on my glasses, but I did so and across I ran without getting ‘eaten’ or ‘tagged’. Perhaps without knowing it I was getting bullied, but just didn’t recognise it.

All these years later, wearing respectable, thinner and rectangular glasses, I still think glasses are cool. They add an air to your character and are an interesting way to accessories. Yes, they have downsides - I can’t lie in bed with them as they quickly become a nuisance, they need to be frequently cleaned, I can’t cosplay accurately with them, and so many more.

Regardless, glasses have become such a large part of my identity that I can’t shake it even if I wanted to. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind giving contacts a try one day though… in the very distant future.