Getting into RSS just as Google Reader closes

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I could get away without syncing for a couple reasons: I work at home and I’m almost always home; as I go through my feeds on my Mac I send articles to Instapaper and then read on my iPhone and iPad.

So, um, Brent Simmons wrote last week reminding people not to forget to download their Google Reader subscriptions before they closed for good. Wow, I can't believe I managed to write that - quoting and writing about people I have reverence for is hard since I feel like such a nobody. In any case, this doesn't affect me much as I don't use Google Reader anyway, Ruben only got me into using an feed agreggator earlier this year - a botched attempt with Vienna which never updated any feeds and then last week using the NetNewsWire 4 beta. It's the second part of this post I'm interested in though, the syncing, and several other bloggers also were interested in this topic earlier last week.

I'm not at home as often these days as I used to be in the past - home just isn't a place I want to be these days and it's not always convenient to lug around my Macbook Pro - yet the only place I'm able to read Ruben's my feeds is usually at home on my laptop with NetNewsWire, which makes this extremely difficult for me to keep up with anything - I don't have an allotted time of the day to sit at my laptop and read things.

Thus why sync would come in handy for most - whether it is people who use the same app on their iPhones or iPads or those who use different ones. Google Reader, although it was never intended as a syncing service, allowed us to use different apps yet still keep up with all the feeds we were subscribed to because we didn't always like both the desktop and mobile reincarnations of the device. Of course without Google Reader now, this takes away that capability and produces that glaring need.

Which brings me to the second half above - in the absence of a service like Google Reader, an easy solution would just be to quickly skim your aggregator on your desktop computer and sent anything you intend to read to Instapaper to read on the iPhone or iPad later. For me though, ignoring the glaring problem of not having an iPhone for now, even though I have an Instapaper account I unfortunately hardly ever check anything that's in there. If I don't read an article immediately, it's likely I never will. As long as I don't have a SIM card in my iPad either (it is 3G enabled, just don't have the SIM card to equip it), I'm unlikely to read anything on it other than books.

I haven't found the solution for me yet, but as the way I work changes and as new apps and syncing solutions (?) come out to replace Google Reader, I hope I'll find something that can work for me. For now though, as someone who is only really getting into this RSS stuff now, it would actually be nice to have all Ruben's my subscriptions on another device so that if I need to leave the house, I could just take my compact iPad Mini instead of necessitating bringing my Macbook Pro if I want to read those feeds!