Gender Pay Gap

Saber eating a popsicle, nothing to do with the subject matter other than another sexualisation of women perhaps

Subject matter: 2014-03-04 Gender Pay Gap factsheet.

While Ruben wallows in drafts again, I simply have a hundred little ideas that never even make it to draft form, and he complains he has no time! Might as well begin then, away we go~

As reported in the Gender Pay Gap factsheet, published in March 2014, women on average in NSW in particular need to work an extra 53 days to receive the same pay as an average man. The gender pay gap is 14.6%. That’s still lower than the overall national average though, so it’s probably a good thing!

The worst offender, is the financial and insurance services sector at 31.9%, and the best, wholesale trade at 7.2%.

Do these statistics mean anything? Maybe, maybe not. Are they a self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, still a ways to go.