Geeky Jewellery: Circuit Boards

Circuit board accessories

I guess some girls and guys like to straddle that tenuous divide between nerdy and fashionable these days. Personally I don’t know all that much about circuit boards (there’s a want, but there’s no will), but I still think this is a very interesting idea — just like how my friend started using computer keys to make jewellery. There’s more where that came from, by the way.

I can hear the closeted screams of many self-professed nerds out there imagining their poor circuit boards being cut up or twisted into various shapes (though I doubt the material would let you do that anyway), but I am glad to/regret to inform you many of these circuit boards are in fact printed, utterly in 2D. Not this kind of printing.

I am almost disappointed, but then again I guess an actual circuit board would be somewhat uncomfortable, since they’re chunkier than a printed design, not to mention I imagine it would increase the cost of the product. Besides, even if you’re going to go out on a limb to emphasise your geeky nature, you can do it while being comfortable, right?

But wait, there’s more — searching ‘upcycled circuit board’ reveals more results this time, accessories actually made from old recycled computer parts. Jackpot. But of course it all comes at a premium - even for old computer parts~

Circuit board cuff and circuit board cufflinks pictured above.