Garlic, now with Peppermint

Cenovis Garlic with Peppermint Flavour

So Ruben told me to make a post about this garlic while he posted about something more useful, like C#.

It really is quite a surprise to smell peppermint when you open up a bottle of these supplements (not to be used in place of the real product) expecting garlic, but that’s only to be expected if you don’t read the label in the first place.

I even looked up the product for you if you wanted some for yourself just to see what it was like, not that I can tell you how it tastes since this bottle isn’t mine. However you can definitely get the full peppermint experience. Apparently this supplement can relieve symptoms of colds and may assist in managing infections of the upper respiratory tract as well as assist in warding away Vampires and attracting werewolves, but will not work against mosquitoes (Cenovis 2014).

Okay, I lied about the last part.

Mainly I take garlic with my echinacea and vitamin C these days to try and boost my immune system and uhm, borrow its antibacterial powers. Mostly because who sleeps enough when they work? If you do, you are a rare sole. Soul. Sole.

Regardless, take a mirror with you on these full mooned nights, and watch out for any werewolves.