Gaping at Thighs

I've been there.

Thought it wasn't the peer pressure, it was just something I hadn't noticed before. At a school excursion to the theatre situated at Bondi Beach and dressed in casual clothing, my year group ambled down the darkened streets to grab a quick dinner before the show. One girl, in some really short shorts, was (unconsciously) flaunting her slim legs. Teenage me compared her legs to my own - why did she have that gap?

Media has and probably always will play a great part in our self-image. But even for those who don't want to look like the latest, greatest actress, we want to at least fit in with our peers. It's hard to escape it.

Shinka Nibutani from Chuunibyou in Maid outfit

Unfortunately, I'm probably also guilty, given that I draw my anime characters with leg gaps — clearly I need a better grasp of anatomy. Or is this more the fault of the anime/manga industry at large since their art affects and influences my own? At least they usually have curves and aren't all skinny though. Given it is the (often unhealthily) skinny and slender that have leg gaps... how does that work?