Gallifrey Returns

Last screen from the 10th Anniversary Doctor Who Special

One comes across interesting things as part of the Doctor Who fandom (since when did I rejoin? Oh well). A 'mysterious' and 'extraordinary' planet — should I go as far to call it 'impossible' — has been discovered, and challenges our theories of planetary formation.

There's currently a petition out to rename 'HD 106906 b' as 'Gallifrey'. Peter Capaldi even joked about it, rousing memories of an exciting Anniversary Special.

While certainly an interesting coincidence, given the planet's young age (13 million years) in comparison to Earth, I would say it's too young to be Gallifrey (ignoring for a second that this is fiction), but it certainly has the likeness.

A quick Google search shows so many planets discovered touted as 'planet that shouldn't exist', I wonder what kind of impact using this same phrase to describe HD 106906 b really has. Regardless, what makes this extraordinary is the fact that it's so far away from it's orbiting star, as well as its hot surface temperature — as far as I can glean.

As for our theories of planetary formation being challenged, that isn't new either. I suppose it goes to show you can never stop learning about something, and also why these are called 'theories'. I wonder what this will do for school curriculums though!

More info: International Business Times, Las Vegas Guardian Express
Image from Tumblr: ferrisblueller, on Tumblr