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Capsule Communicator
Peanutize Me
Meyer Life and Death
The Martian and NASA
Making Egg Slut
Trip back in time
Right Here Waiting - Cantonese version
宮心計 Theme Song
Plot the Scottish Highlands
God Wills It
School Uniforms
Force to be reckoned with
Problems of Introverts
UTS in People's Choice Award for Landscape Architecture
[Cooking Adventures] Tomato rice, with vegetables
Singing Hedgehogs
Exploring Creative Commons Music
Pagan's Doubt
Pagan's Loyalty
Fabric Lessons
Lined Fabric Pouch from Purlbee
Telling Asians Apart
Precious Lifeforms
As the Vampire Sparkles
The Diva
Anime reaction
Press X to knead with your dumb little paws.
Vitamin C Gummies
Can't face my manga face
Cats invade stamps
A horse is a horse, of course, of course
No toothpaste here
Play with Oreo
The MH4U Obsession
Watson's Water
PSA: Don't buy Rubi shoes
Wooden Apple
Schadenfreude Attack
Succulent Desk Pal
The Nintendo 2DS
Hornsby, 1886
NANACA CRASH bang wallop
Kame: Sapuri and Yuuki
[Crossover] Frozen and Madoka Magica
Happy New Year 2015!
My First Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Christmas Cheer
The Doctor Blake Mysteries
Company Christmas Party
Death at Pemberley
Ruben Sandwiches
Wiseman's Ferry and the Oncoming Storm
Links of the Day 2014-12-04
Just loafing around
I'm a Spanish Vocaloid
ACT 1: Trip to Canberra
Melbourne Cup Day 2014
Turning into a Media Circus
New Watch: Something Blue
Coca-Cola Marinade
Around 30 minutes to an hour
Woman in Refrigerator
Clue to Canadian mystery
At the Beginning
Colours of a Cantonese Wind
Ice Heart Lock 冰心鎖
Sleep at IKEA
Popping Away Candy-dly
Garlic, now with Peppermint
A nice pair of shoes
Petals Around the Rose
March 27 was the date
3D Animated Peanuts (not edible)
Australian Horror Story: Public Transport
Real Snail Mail
The restricted espresso
Gaelic is not dead
Haruhi's Headband from a few stitches
Simpsons Ghibli
A Cold Case of Pathetic Fallacy
Silly things to do at a NSW train station
Discharging at the same rate
Three Tips for Roadtrips
[#Music] Things We Lost
Running Man Cuisine
Bi-metallic Composition
Google Maps Adventures
Grapevine Quotable Quotes
Helan Går
Autumn Foxes
Three things not to do when making fudge
Cooking with Nyan - Honeycomb
Christmas lights and other bright things
Felt creations for @Rubenerd
Cooking with Nyan - Hard Toffee Part 2
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special
Cooking with Nyan - Hard Toffee
Hair, Mavericks, Pudding and Storms
Decorated IKEA Upptäcka backpacks
Tall people problems
Should have used the Picard Facepalm image
Castle Season 6 is a go
Tunes for Tuesday: We Can't Stop (the music)
A fancy for huskies
Dating sim for the Jurassic of Heart
A Certain Rice Cooker
Stopover at Changi Airport Advertisement/Webseries
Upcoming IKEA Purchases
Genericly Trademarked
Happy Belated Birthday, Gokudera Hayato.
Good and Enduring Husbands
Never Too Many Tabs
Rudd hands
Anonymous Beaver
Sakura tagging?
Balse #バルス
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Nyan nyan nyan: Cats' purrs
[Photoblog] 2013.08.13 Railway tracks to the past
Live Action #TV_Free ED
Just testing you...
Hello World!
My Engrish good
Gordon Ramsay
Pixar Movies are Secretly About The Apocalypse
If the Doctor appeared in Star Trek
New UTS favicon?
[Photoblog] 2013.06.21 @Rubenerd Alpaca
I used to know a Harold Stanford
Food Experiments
Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyancat mascot
[Photoblog] Coffee cups
Science, from @Rubenerd
JSFiddle Humour
I used Cisco routers before the sneakernet
[Response] @Rubenerd bread
Freshly Brewed Coffee in the Castle
Crime on the Final Frontier
SalesForce: Close relations
Not sure if funny networking joke or just lame
I'm pretty sure dates aren't saved like that
Kawaii Komputing
So I heard you like networking memes
That Al guy
[Anime] Shinkai Shoujo Miku Figure
Jokes from @Rubenerd
黃色鴨仔 - Rubber Duck in #HongKong
SalesForce: I can be funny when I’m tired
VividRed Prepainted Isshiki Akane
Strange name for a captain
Back to the Future
Mitchell and Webb on Youtube
Shared by gentlemen, @Rubenerd and @Jamiejakov.
Snake.gif from @Sebasu_tan
Coloured Kenshin from @Sebasu_tan, and jokes from @Rubenerd.
Train Vocab from @Rubenerd
Looking back at Red River (manga)
[Art] Inuyasha Puppies
Enter a new Youtube sensation, @ntdotgw!
As Depicted by the Square Face Icon Generator
Get your Gangnam Style on!
[Anime] Coffee Art
Thunderbirds are go!
[Anime] Megane Tamako
[Anime] Tamako Market - Dera Gijinka
Derren Brown Experiments
My WiFi Name is Better Than Yours
[Anime Club] That New Website
Spectrum Sunday - Skill, or lack thereof. #EA9B6F
[Sherlock] The Cabbie
Point of No Return
Spectrum Sunday - Dedications #73376E
[Anime] The real Tamako Market
Running Man in Macau
[Photoblog] 2013.01.29 - Alpacas
Coins from Overseas
Perfectly armless
Waltzing Wednesday - Guest post from @LordPatience
Kyary Mameshiba
So, how many hands am I going to need for this?
Lazy staff or conspiracy underhand?