The Fujifilm X100S is nice

Saber photograph taken with Seb's Fujifilm X100S

I got the chance to play a bit with my dear friend Seb’s new Fujifilm X100S camera yesterday, as we took a trip to the Tempe IKEA to celebrate Seb’s impending birthday (I’ll leave that for a future post :D), armed with a couple of anime figures and all set to gobble down some meatballs and mash, washed down with coffee or soft drink (your choice, of course).

It really makes me want to cut my losses for this month and splurge on the camera, as it’s a really solid build, all the physical dials make it easy to make quick changes (when you know what they do), and it’s also compact and fits easily into a small bag… although I would hesitate before I tried to cram this into a pocket, particularly a female one as they always make pockets too shallow in female clothing.

Clearly if I do get this camera, I still need a lot of practice though, as I have not mastered how to use the camera at all in the short time that I held it, in fact I even created trouble for Seb by changing one of the settings by mistake… oops. It produces great colour even without me editing anything, but that could also have to do with the fact that there was nice amount light in that IKEA! Lens flares happened.

Saying happy birthday in advance I’m told is unlucky, so I’ll wait until the day, but then in writing this sentence, haven’t I just technically wished it? I’ll leave it to you to figure out. (Figure, get it…?)

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