Ice Heart Lock 冰心鎖

I tuned into SBS PopAsia yesterday, just in time to catch a rendition of Let it Go from Frozen sung in Korean, but with the titular main two lines of the chorus sung in English. Naturally my next step was to find out who sang this, which eventually dragged me over (as YouTube is wont to do) to a Multilanguage version of ‘Let it Go’ in all its language releases around the world, and I must say I quite like all of them. The energy simply spills from every singer as they, well, let themselves go!

Let it Go was one of those songs where the praise I heard about it was so high, in hearing it myself I almost felt it was underwhelming. It is in fact quite a nice song, yet the English voice actor’s singing grated on me so much that I didn’t particularly want to hear her sing it again. It’s not that I dislike Idina Menzel, her singing in Rent was excellent, it simply just didn’t fit for me here though.

With this video, Elsa’s voice actor only gets to sing for a few beats, which suits me just fine. Naturally I was intrigued to hear the Cantonese version, but I will probably need to seriously brush up on my Cantonese version to fully understand what she’s singing about. The problem is now I just want to search up the Cantonese versions of all the songs on YouTube… I suppose that’s one way to learn more Cantonese!

Elsa singing Let it Go in the movie Frozen

The AU Review seems to have made a compilation of different versions here. Check it out!