A Fresh Green Outlook for Anime@UTS

Anime@UTS Banner Image

I’ve invested too many years in the anime club and in updating its website to not keep up with its latest skin. I may not have been active in the club for about a year now since I got voted out of an executive position, but I have been updating the club’s website for more than a few years prior and seen its various transformations in the past couple of years - the good and the bad.

This latest skin on Anime@UTS’ website is interesting. I’m digging the sticky, semi-transparent menu bar and the soft shades of green (quite a contrast from our usual blues and greys we’ve had over the years), as well as the executive ‘cards’ and special ‘Omake’ downloads page. The use of Panda-neo (as I like to call him) in the corner is also much more eye-catching than the textual ‘Anime@UTS’ we’ve had, despite it being hard to read. I also find the positioning of the social media icons intriguing, though I like the hover-over effects.

This text is emphasised

It is interesting to note the specific emphasis of information on the current site though. In trying to capture audiences’ attention the moment they reach the homepage, it is the information contained in the first visible area of the page before the user scrolls down which is most important.

In the past there has been a battle for this position between Event Information and Blog Posts. Pre-Ruby and early-Ruby days, with the ‘sticky’ feature on posts, it was easy to affix a post to the top of the home page with this info, but this did not easily distinguish it from the other posts battling for attention.

In the late-Ruby period however, posts and event information tried to live harmoniously at the top - come for the event information, stay for the posts. Unfortunately, this later theme was never completed 100% due to other commitments, so was never fully realised and faced several issues.

This new version suits the change in club focus, the site as an archive (as set in motion by aforementioned Ruby), but with the increased patronage on platforms such as Flickr, YouTube, as well as the more ‘traditional’ (to us younger members) Facebook and Twitter; the content is no longer just on the website, and thus the links and event information’s prominence makes sense over the ‘pop’ of blog content. Don’t you hate that word?

Anime@UTS website's current header image

Advanced English all over again

Of course, this could just me picking design cues where there are not necessarily any, regardless I applaud the new webmaster Jamiejakov for a fresh new theme. One question though - who is the female at the top of the page, and who is it by?

Of course, it is flattering to see there are still some very familiar elements carried over, such as the pagination and those sponsor icons down the bottom; the majority of which were painstakingly re-rendered in black and white by me (the ones with expanses of grey are not mine, I would suggest a darker shade of grey). And of course, the bird is the word. Shame that a girl never had a chance of joining the previous generations of masters and mistress though.

Screenshot of Anime@UTS website, design by Jamiejakov.
Featured image artist unknown.