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FREE! anime

Watching FREE! will make guys have self confidence issues? That('s) why no one should watch it? Well. Please. It works the other way around too. It's pretty much like us saying: Oh I won't watch K-ON! Or Date A Live because those girls are so cute and have such big boobs it destroys. [...] You have no power and no right in stopping us from liking what we like. Watching what we watch. We don't do that to you so don't do it to us.

This was a hot topic shortly after the announcement in a series of emotional tweets and other conversation threads on Twitter. It seems that the negative reaction to FREE! runs deeper than I initially thought, there are undesirable comments being dished out to so-called 'fujoshi' (or those who prefer male-male pairings) that even those females who are not of this preference were offended.

But back to the original point - that FREE! will make guys have self confidence issues. How, I ask, do you think females have had to deal with anime constantly portraying well-endowed or moe or female characters stereotyped in other ways for so long? Is it so bad to finally get insight into what the other side has been experiencing? Or that we would be experiencing if we hadn't realised long ago that this was simply what we had to expect.

RT @Adasifs: You forget that us silly females have such inane opinions that only the superior masculine intellect should ever be considered!

Now that the catering for the male masses has turned to giving some attention to the female audiences, it seems that some have been very vocal about their neglect, so far as to say that there is no way that they are watching this anime and others shouldn't be allowed to watch it either. Yes, because we all totally like the same thing and should only ever like what you like. You don't see the same treatment dished out if the situation were reversed.

It's true that there is plenty of media out there for girls - Uta no Prince-sama, Amnesia, all which have a multitude of good looking guys, but the difference is they usually feature at least one girl as a main character, yet this anime appears to feature solely guys. But you know what, there have been plenty of other anime where most of the main characters have been guys, and I don't see a fuss over them. The ones with only girls are another story.

Francisco Gonzalez: no girls? no melons? no tsunderes? no panty shots? no megane girls? no fan service for us? i guess another yaoi

So why now? Is it the blatant fanservice directed to girls? So what of all the blatant fanservice directed to a assumed male audience up until now? There seems to be a double standard here.