Never has Free!dom been better

Nagisa has the best expressions

Series that we believe to have ‘finished’ and wrapped up nicely seem to be receiving a revival of sorts recently, the latest coming in the form of a quiet announcement and confirmation of a second season of Free!.

This move seems quite reasonable given Free!’s perhaps unexpected (spoiler: not really unexpected) global popularity. While female audiences enjoyed Kyoto Animation’s wares prior, Free! appears squarely aimed at the female market, and tell female audiences that Kyoto Animation do care about them.

I’m just waiting to see what the formerly complaining menfolk have to say this time about Free!’s fanbase. What’s wrong with giving us cake sometimes too? Rise up, fangirls!

Don't worry, you'll have your cake too

This of course follows the Chuunibyou film and second season of Chuunibyou which is airing this season, new Tamako Market project in production as well as the announcement of the upcoming The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan anime, although we don’t have much information yet around its production.

Hopefully enough for non-Free!-loving fans to not get their knickers in a knot over the loss of their all-time favourite moeblobbing.

While I haven’t seen any of the new Chuunibyou and was satisfied with how it originally resolved, I’ve heard nothing but good of it so far and hope Kyoto Animation continues its record of exceptional work. Admittedly the quality of the second season of Haruhi was questionable… but thoroughly served its purpose eventually.

I wonder if this spells more sequels to other anime, for example more Kyoukai no Kanata. I know a certain boyfriend wouldn’t be adverse to more K-ON!, though I think they’ve already ridden that horse pretty far. I wonder how much further it could still go?

Looks like it will be an interesting year ahead.

Some fun pictures and info from the official event can be found: here.