[Anime] #Free_anime! Episode 1


So Ruben and I finally got the chance to sit down and actually watch some KyoAni and it just so happened to be Free! - so no moeblob goodness from Kyoto Animation for this season, but truthfully it's not lacking in cute characters, just of a different kind, I suppose. You still get your moe-blob amongst your hot male entourage! Quite a different path for KyoAni, I must have to say - but we all knew that.

Question is, where do they come in now?

Moeblob examples 1 and 2!

You may or may not recall that I mentioned I wasn't particularly interested in this anime and I'm still not particularly - at least not in the way that most people I know seem to be at the moment. There's an element of ridiculousness to it, but there's still charm and the little bit of humour and all of that is definitely part of KyoAni's style. Not only does it look KyoAni, it even feels KyoAni even though they're hitting at a different market this time around.

On the other hand, there was certainly a great deal of fanservice which I'm sure many watchers enjoyed. Those sexy, toned bodies with the slim waists and chiseled muscles. Shameless, shameless. Up close, anyway.

Shirts off!Shirts off again!

Um. You guys done yet? I'm sure people enjoy you stripping and all, but... I laughed. Well anyway, getting back on track. Not my cup of tea really, but I'm sure they snagged plenty of the female crowd just fine with just those few scenes.

And now for the belt...

Hey, stop it.


And don't look at me like that.

Like many other KyoAni series, it's hard to see where this series might head next. No wait, I mean this series is thought provoking, action-packed and filled with tightly coiled tension, like a spring ready to leap from... er, a jack-in-the-box. Yeah. This is not my strong point.

To be fair, although some parts were downright predictable, there does seem to be a bit more direction in this than in some other KyoAni series I've watched not really that much of. If nothing else, it's clear there's a rivalry going on and it's heating up and going to build momentum at some point in the future. Of course, this only means potential for a lot of yaoi/shounen-ai fanart and fanfiction for the fans. Blink and you could miss this frame from the opening.

Shirts off! Wait, what?

I wasn't really a fan of either the opening or the closing song, but the soundtrack so far seems pretty interesting, though personally I feel as though it might overpower the scene in some areas. When you turn off the subtitles, you seem to notice different things... Like how you can't understand Japanese to save your life, but my saving grace is that I did watch it with Ruben with the subtitles on! I only watched it a second time to gather screenshots.

Well, at least the art's good. I'm definitely liking their scenery art. This series is another 'bright' one which seems more along Hyouka likes, and maybe even Chuunibyou. In contrast, Tamako Market definitely looked and felt more like K-ON! in how it was coloured and delivered. Perhaps it's this if nothing else that will make me come back to Free!, because I really enjoyed Hyouka even if I still haven't managed to finish it. This is mostly because the endless screencapping of the series I did ended up taking much too much of my time.

Sitting on a wall!

So, maybe we'll continue with this, who knows? It's time and past I got back to watching something semi-regularly, maybe. Maybe?

After watching this first episode though, that genderbent fanart seems entirely ridiculous, but still good for a laugh.

See you later!