Forging Tessaiga

While reading about various Inuyasha facts today (and realising that I’d forgotten and not yet discovered a lot about the series), I found the above video on forging a real life version of the Tessaiga. From the description on the Wiki, I didn’t have high hopes for it and knew it wouldn’t match the anime version, but after I’d actually watched it and seen the result I was sincerely impressed.

Forging such a large sword is really hard work, and it’s probably the first time I’ve seen so much of the process, rather than just reading accounts of people doing it. It’s so very interesting the techniques that are used.

It’s a little annoying to see the Inuyasha cosplayer swinging the sword wrong though, I’ll admit.

What’s also interesting is that the Tessaiga (which VIZ wrongly translated as Tetsusaiga, and this still feels more natural to type for me) wiki article mentions that a throwback to the weapon was available in Monster Hunter 3 Tri.

The Tessaiga is available as a long sword weapon in the Monster Hunter 3 Tri, however it is exclusive to Japan. Also available in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd only after clearing a download quest and obtaining tickets to create it.

We wouldn’t have been able to play with it anyway I guess, but that still fills me with excitement! Well, I’m off to check out another sword forging video.