So you may have heard that the FontSquirrel WebFont generator has been blacklisting several fonts lately for copyright reasons, such as Helvetica and likewise. Understandable, but this makes our lives as creative developers hard and now everyone is pushing to create ads in HTML5 after everyone taking down Flash

Thank you industry, for taking away one resource then not providing another.

Luckily, it seems that Fontie is a good alternative to convert these otherwise ‘blacklisted’ webfonts (used legally), and compared to the other webfont generator sites out there on the internet generates webfonts with the lowest filesize while not sacrificing the quality of the font.

Generator eot ttf woff
Fontie 27KB 86KB 31KB
Flaticon 126KB 146KB 57KB
Webfont Generator 146KB 146KB 54KB
Font-face Generator 29 bytes (?) 146KB 57KB
Transfonter 146KB 146KB 54KB
FreeFontConvertor N/A 157KB 56.1KB

Not sure what that 29bytes eot file was about. Also seems that some people are using similar converters to get such similar results. Fontie is an anomoly.

Alternatives to these files? Unfortunately cufón isn’t what we’re looking for at the moment, but will definitely check it out in the future as it has potential - just different from what we need at this point.