Follow-up: iOS7 unlock screen usability

iOS7 fictitious update screen

Your thoughts on the quality and integrity of Mashable aside, today they posted up this Op-ed piece, but I'm not that interested in the Bing vs Google search part of it. At the end of the article, this is mentioned:

Indeed, many designers have suggested that the look of iOS 7 pays indirect homage to Windows Phone 8 — and Microsoft doesn't seem to mind at all.

Did I not say yesterday:

Let’s take a minute the savour the blasphemy of me commenting on the fact it looks like a mashup between iOS and Windows Phone.

Do I get to call myself a designer now? Do I? :'D

That aside, noticed this tweet today about the apparent problems with the Slide to Unlock as the first screen, yet having the arrow pointing upwards, when you slide left and right to unlock. The arrow pointing upwards actually leads to the control centre.

Hopefully some of these will be addressed before it gets released to all!

Image taken from Read Write quite by chance.