Flickr over 2000 Milestone

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.32.30 pm

After a little over a year, I've managed to reach over 2000 photos on my (brand spanking new) Flickr, which I think is something of a milestone, personally.

I don't get Wordpress post IDs anymore, and I'm not going to follow Ruben's tradition of finding industrial cleaning machines, but I will post a draft about Flickr which I wrote earlier in the year-that's-just-passed and had decided against publishing, because of high stalker-like potential. But you all knew that.

This post is not true anymore alas.

I'm your personal stalker...

I was clicking around on Flickr the other day and I chanced to click on the icon of Ruben in 'People in this photo' which lead me to a page of all the photos of Ruben I'd taken and tagged him in. This part in particular I noticed though:

You're looking at your photos of rubenerd. You're the only person who has photos or videos of him.

Not for much longer though, since Vadim has photos of him up too now. :'D Well, I'm sure there are others with pictures of him up but they just haven't been tagged~ You can see all my photos of Ruben here if you were interested~ Ahem!

The Ruben Iced Tea Commercial Pose