Flash text area missing characters

Demonstrating letters are no longer missing at output

Working on an initial prototype for a Flash project, I was attempting to get a string to appear in a dynamic text box placed on the stage prior to coding any ActionScript. The ActionScript 3.0 code for that frame looked like this:

txt_displayName.text = ("Welcome, " + text_input.text);

Assuming there are two frames in the project, txtdisplayName was the instance name of the dynamic text box in the current frame, and textinput was the instance name of a text box drawn on the stage on load of the previous frame and removed for the current one, into which input was entered.

I was encountering an error where letters would be missing from the text, from both the "Welcome, " segment which is fully static, as well as from the user input. Upon some searching around and realising ignoring the compiler errors was not the way to go, I discovered the reason for this error was not embedding the fonts.

This can be done by selecting Text → Font Embedding → Click the + button on the left half → Filling in/selecting details (Name, Family, Style, Character ranges). That'll teach me not to act on those error messages. I didn't understand the purpose of font embedding, but you learn from your mistakes! Hope that's helpful to someone.