Firefox Directory Tiles, aka Ads in your tab

This post was spurred by Followup to Mozilla Firefox advertiles.

I never posted my draft about Mozilla’s decision to advertise in Firefox, in some ways because firstly everyone had said it all, and secondly when all is said and done many of the controversies we have are about opt-out vs. opt-in and companies not being clear about their intentions.

In some ways, perhaps me and other net-sheep have become jaded to such companies. You can moan about it, and while they may or may not address your concerns on a superficial level, it is only after the rollout of whatever they have planned and they have seen the consequence and reaction to their changes do they really move to address these concerns.

Or they might not at all if they determine the positive feedback outweighs the negative.

I think we have to remember that a lot of the time we who may be more technologically informed (I claim no such thing, by the way) are not necessarily representative of large majorities of users. We, who are informed and grew up amongst ever-saturated advertising don’t want it, but some people might. We don’t hear them because they’re not on blogs that get traffic (maybe like this one) or they’re not interesting in writing blogs. Who knows.

I guess from a marketing position, as someone who works in marketing, negative feedback is a fact of life and you can’t let it constantly beat you down. While those several negative responses can be damaging, there are/were/could be far more positive ones. Although it is disheartening, all you can do is continue to do what you think is best, even though that may not always mesh with what others think is best. Something I am bad at, I admit.

I’m not saying I agree with what Mozilla are doing and my stance, as I said in my unpublished draft, is immaterial really given that we’ll only truly know when they release. But even a little, I can see where they’re coming from and why they announce the way they do, even if I quietly remain skeptical.