Firefox hammers on Flash's coffin

Clickbait heading? Wouldn’t dream of it.

In latest news in the saga of the slow downfall of Adobe Flash, the most recent update to Firefox (39) is now blocking all Flash versions until Adobe releases a satisfactory update for a recently discovered vulnerability. To say ‘recently discovered’ would be a lie though - more like recently uncovered after Hacking Team were themselves hacked.

This is most significant for advertising, as if you need Flash to watch a video at most this is a minor inconvenience - you can choose to run Flash anyway and play the video if you really want to, but just like Google Chrome pausing Flash content, ads can’t deliver impressions with these blocks in place. Unless they update their Adobe Flash with the most recent fix.

There are a few articles on this:

More nails in the coffin of Flash as far as anyone is concerned. But this has difficult implications for advertising, serving HTML5 ads is much ‘heavier’ than Flash ads (either the ad servers take a cut in offering higher file limits for a lower/the same cost, or the media agencies and corporations pay more, which they don’t want to obviously).

My colleague says there’s really annoying/ignorant attitudes going on towards Flash in general where people don’t understand the true value of Flash despite it clearly having some great flaws. But what have we created that has been 100% perfect. And I wonder who is right?