Towards more important things...

Today I completed what I hope is the last assignment for the last subject in my Masters degree. It’s not that I don’t know this is the last assignment, but I hesitate to have confidence that this will truly be the end of yet another degree (I can only hope that this is not a double jinx now to write this).

As my senpai did before me I had the option of writing a reflection, portfolio or proposal for this last assessment item, but the group had collectively agreed on writing reflections.

As usual, the real challenge of writing the reflection was simply starting. For me, it is much more difficult to create something from nothing than it is to edit something, and to this end I enlisted some help from a friend (his name couldn’t possibly be Seb) to help me figure out a structure.

Having read Georgie’s piece, it was now difficult for me to find my own perspective take aways from the course, but eventually I found it - my initial expectations and final understanding of the course were drastically different. At the start of the course, I had considered this degree as an extension to my bachelors degree and that content would be delivered in much the same way - through the approach of ‘other-directed’ learning where we are often dictated to by staff members who evaluate us based on learning objectives they have set for us themselves.

However the MIMM course encouraged more self-directed learning, where we on the other hand can dictate what we want to learn, but also how it is evaluated. This by itself makes us more motivated as it is something that we ourselves had elected to do.

Furthermore I discussed the different ways in which self-directed learning was employed, for example creation of Learning Contracts. However the necessity of this Learning Contract also means that in a way we have not truly reached the Level 3 tier yet. We are still being assessed based on a set of objectives set by our lecturers which, with the rush of getting things in for deadline hampers learning, as they are assessing based on performance (from Georgie’s idea, you see!).

It’s a short summary, but thus closes the chapter on my Masters degree life - I hope. I wouldn’t say that it’s my final class or final assignment as I’m already looking at new courses to take, but it may be the final subject I take at UTS - hopefully. So long and.. thanks for all the fish? (That’s what everyone says, right?)