Figuarts ZERO Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero figure (image from MyFigureCollection)

Figuarts ZERO Mercury was announced, or at least spotted, back in December as an unpainted prototype. With the gaping holes where her eyes were supposed to be, she looked as scary as those staring China dolls you sometimes see, but there’s a lot to be learned from the prototype sculpt, and the attention to detail even in this prototype does not fail to impress.

At around 22cm in height and 18 scale, Sailor Mercury is depicted in motion, her left leg lifted as if she were running, and with water swirling around her as she looks back over her left shoulder. As of February and WONFEST 2014 however, we’ve seen a fully coloured version of Sailor Mercury and also Sailor Venus.

Figuarts ZERO figures are unarticulated figures (ie. not figmas) produced by Bandai Tamashii Nations and Volks. While I mentioned that my favourite character was Sailor Venus scarce days ago, Sailor Mercury’s more dynamic pose and beautiful colouring has really captured me here. Or perhaps it is the fact that water is a more interesting element than simply ‘love’. Nonetheless, there is something about the way the Japanese sculpt semi-transparent water that is mesmerising.

Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero figure (image from

The only disappointment, which I’m sure Ruben would pick up on here though, is that Sailor Mercury is missing her Micro-miniature Super Computer and goggles, although I hear these fell out of usage as the series progressed. She still looks lovely despite that.

There have been lots of complaints out there about the Sailor Moon Figuarts ZERO’s ‘broken arm’ and Sailor Mercury’s ‘twisted pose’ but I don’t see a problem with either figure to be honest, so each to their own! I’m not a fan of Sailor Moon as a character, but her hair has been sculpted rather beautifully in my opinion. :)

Although most sites are reporting that there is no release date currently, J-List has already put up Sailor Mercury for pre-order, and have mentioned that it is scheduled for release in August 2014! Pre-orders are to officially start in March, so with luck she will appear on sites like AmiAmi soon as well!

Images from MyFigureCollection and Not mine.