The Diva

The actress has said she felt that her performance interspersed with fight scenes, particularly in the second half of the song, made her feel as though her performance was not fully depicted. The passion and work that she placed into it was lost. Yet that never stopped the intrigue about The Diva from building. Now at last, you can see the full dance performance on green screen.

I just remember thinking how she made the whole performance look so effortless yet elegant, even if Leeloo’s fight scenes dominated the second half. The outfit looked impossible and uncomfortable, it’s quite amazing what you can do with makeup, an amazing outfit and lots of practice.

The Fifth Element was a pretty amazing movie, even if it seems the online ratings aren’t so great. For the people (children?) of my generation I think we still look on it fondly. The the movie industry is patient and uses some pretty crazy and interesting techniques, that still sometimes seems fantastical years later.