Felt creations for @Rubenerd


I mentioned I was making presents, but I hadn't mentioned what I'd made, because naturally, it's a present. ;) Well, Ruben blogged about this earlier so here are some photos I took before I presented them to him.

I actually spend a whole evening looking for the felt I used since it had hid itself somewhere in my room before I realised it'd simply slipped behind something. The red felt is adhesive, which is a pain to stitch through by hand, but a sewing machine flies through it easily. The white was not, but I stuck it down with some glue, though it would have been nice to have some better glue that what you can get out of a glue stick! Whatever works though.

I feel like the felt slipped a bit when I stitched it together with the sewing machine. It didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped, but still a good attempt I guess?

Salmon nigiri was difficult to figure out. I stitched the lines over it many times, almost causing it to snag quite a few times. Luckily the inside is hidden since it's just a snarl of threads at the back. I stitched the felt sides together and turned it inside out so some of the features of the shape were lost, but it held the basic shape that I had wanted, from the reference pictures I looked at from any search engine of your choice.

I'd wanted to turn the rice part of the nigiri more square shaped, but I wasn't able to figure out the pattern for it, so it was simply two rectangles sewn together, which seems to work fine all things considered. The ribbon was added to press the two halves together better as salmon nigiri usually doesn't have seaweed around it. It's just a cute little embellishment. :)