Farewell sheetglass.org

Setting sheetglass.org as Tumblr domain

Dear C,
This notice is to inform you that one of your domains has expired. Please act fast and reactivate the domain as soon as possible.
Details of the domain are provided below.
    Domain Name         : sheetglass.org
    Registered on       : 1/10/2012 1:34:00 AM
    Registered for      : 2 year(s)
    Expired on          : 1/10/2014 9:34:55 AM

Sheetglass.org was the first paid domain I ever registered. With the intent of (re)starting a blog because of Ruben's influence, for a few days in early 2012 I eagerly looked for a domain name I liked and that felt unique but wasn't in Japanese like most of the names and free domains of my past. I was determined to have a domain that could be easily mentioned to friends without myself either feeling ashamed or having to spell out the name because it was unintelligible to those who didn't know Japanese.

Sheetglass came about as a result of window panes. Sunlight through window panes produces such a lovely effect; and the thin, brittle quality of sheet ice versus how beautiful it looks like in the sun is mesmerising — not to say I've seen it before, but I imagine it must be so. Additionally a blog was supposed to be a 'window' into my life where you, dear reader, would be on the other side looking through those panes of glass.

However, the problem was I didn't really understand how hosting worked at the time and assumed it was provided with the domain registration. My second mistake was that I then assumed, failing the first, I would be able to connect up my new domain with wordpress.com easily. As others have realised before me — this is far from the truth.

Namecheap and a webhost providing free domain registration to students

Without the funds to pay for proper webhosting and a domain hanging free with no purpose, I assigned it to my Tumblr to make it more unique where it stuck. I continued on with my life, shelving my plans for a blog for another year until almost September of 2012 when I was again considering starting a blog and a public profile page and willing to pay for a webhost. Ruben offered to host and set up a Textpattern blog for me and I didn't look back.

I never felt the urge to take the sheetglass domain back from my Tumblr, but a week or so ago I decided to change my tumblr's domain so it was more in line with this blog. I'd attempted this before, but figuring out how to set a sub-domain on Hover had (quite sadly) eluded me for some time. This time I took a risk and it paid off — sheetglass.org was now free.

Without a use for sheetglass, I have decided to let this domain go. Although it was the first domain I paid to register, unfortunately realistically I do not have any real use for it and therefore it would have been just another expense which I need to account for. It would be fun to set up a redirect for it, but for what purpose and to where? I don't love the name as much as I used to either, even though it does rekindle some good memories.

Farewell sheetglass. You've served me (fairly) long and faithfully, but it's time to go. May you have a good owner in the future and host something delightful.