Farewell and #KyaryPamyuPamyu Sydney

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert in Sydney

Today was an amazing and intensely exhausting day, but it held so much excitement and fun I desperately didn’t want it to end. Sadly, most things do, but I shall be glad to carry the memories.

First off we started off with a farewell picnic early this morning for those that were leaving us at the end of the month to go on exchange with much barbecuing and sausage stains and jelly, before Ruben and I retreated to attempt to complete some work before Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s concert in Sydney this evening.

The Pamyu Part

We received the call to duty to meet up with Sebastian, Vadim and Ameh earlier than we expected, and thus began our battle of Sydney’s transport system in order to make it to the UNSW Roundhouse in time for the event. The lines stretched further than the eye, with more people pouring in every moment. It seemed impossible that the venue could possibly hold so many people, yet this really is testament to Kyary’s international fame that so many people turned out in their best clothes and costumes for this event.

The security at this event were truly strict I have to admit, taking water bottles and food (even if it was sealed), and making sure DSLR cameras had to be checked in — though that didn’t stop many people taking photos on their phones. When shorter people at the back of the crowd (me included) carried in chairs from outside, we were told they had to be left outside, and when people got up on seats that were from the inside seating area, they were quickly made to get down.

Giving credit where it was due though, what a relief it was to have everyone standing on their own two feet — it did actually make it a lot easier for us to see the stage unhindered.

My selfies with Ruben

I’ve never really been to a concert outside of the free ones like the Jazz and Blues Festival in Darling Harbour or PSY as part of Sunrise, or even the one at the AnimeSydney Christmas Party, so this really was an experience for me, and I’m glad that my first experience could be so positive. It was such a lovely feeling to be among like-minded people as we danced to the familiar tunes, shaking our glowsticks in the dark. It was extremely warm inside — but we didn’t care!

As amazing as Kyary was though, I must give a special commendation to the supporting dancers who moved tirelessly and animatedly throughout the entire 2-3 hours. Unless there were actually many dancers and they varied to give each other breaks, it is amazing they were able to continually move the entire time. Rest well, my friends.

I’ve immensely gratified that Ruben and I were able to enjoy this experience. In a way, taking our cameras away let us focus less on snaps and just enjoy the atmosphere, despite being weighed down by our luggage! Happy early birthday Ruben, and what a way to celebrate with friends some of the remainder of their last few days in Sydney before their exchange.

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