Fanon Pairing Qs

I’ve had this sitting open for a while, so might as well answer it. It’s from this thread though I’m not sure anymore why I have it open. The question was: Why do people create pairings for characters in shows where romance is nonexistent?

I do this - or did - but I find that although I can come up with and see these pairings quite easily, I don’t exactly seek them out on purpose. Sometimes the subtext is clear enough already in the series such that I’m merely agreeing with the creators, not specifically creating a pairing from nothing.

Nonetheless let’s attempt these questions:

Are you the type of person who finds romance in everything?
I think inherently we all look for connections between characters. That’s a politician’s answer. I don’t deliberately look for romance between characters, but when subtext is offered by creators such as it was in TIGER AND BUNNY with no other romantic interest on the scene, then sometimes I can see the blossoming romance. But no, although I can find it, I don’t necessarily go to find it.

Are characters who have rivalries actually just sexually frustrated?
They say love is the sister of hate, or vice versa. I can understand this, passionate emotions like that are hard to understand. I wouldn’t say Naruto and Sasuke are romantically linked though, just because they’re rivals. They’re definitely more like brothers. It does depend a bit on how they interact - perhaps rivals who argue bitterly, but who still end up working together on most occasions and saving each other reluctantly. That would be better material for potential attraction.

Do you often find yourself drawing fanart of your gay/lesbian pairings?
I actually don’t! It’s only if I really like a pairing that I find myself wanting to draw the characters, and that’s how I know that I am actually emotionally invested in the series. The only series which I’ve drawn any substantial art of invented pairings remains as REBORN.