Fanfiction as Multiplatform Storytelling


I thought it was interesting when a teacher referred to 'fanfiction' as a form of 'multiplatform storytelling', because this was an aspect I had never considered until today. How can one tell a story over multiple platforms? They can use a mix of website with interactive multimedia, social media and also create real world interaction that ties back to the digital.

But fanfiction, it brings hideous novels like Twilight to users through the internet as communities of fans get together and works like the original rendition of Fifty Shades of Grey appear as a result.. and not only appear, but then are reincarnated as brand new novels and sold on the Market. You could say the same about The Mortal Instruments. Still, despite this, it allows the same story to be told through extending to different mediums. I wonder how you could really make a print novel interactive to the point that it would involve people on social media, Youtube and real life? Sounds like something the Japanese would do, actually. Or a plot from a Japanese anime...