FaceTime Problems?

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Strangely, I have been experiencing issues lately with Facetime. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right terminology, but I haven't found a solution nor anyone with the same sort of problem. Nothing that I can think of has significantly changed from the past until now, yet although there were no issues with calling on FaceTime before, calls just don't go through anymore, or it takes multiple attempts and minutes in order for the person on the end to receive the call. Of course, I only have one person in my contact book though, so I don't really have anyone else to test this on to see if this is an isolated issue.

Interestingly though, whether I try to call on my MacBook Pro or my iPad Mini, the result of the attempt at calling is still that the other person is unavailable. Have considered perhaps the fact that we are both try to call at the same time may cause a problem, but this doesn't seem to improve anything even if one sits and waits impatiently. At least my MBP gives an indication that it is 'calling', whereas my iPad Mini says it's connecting without any indication of what exactly is going on.

Interested if anyone could shed some insight on this, since it's rather frustrating and I'd rather not default back to Skype (better call quality, plus peace of mind).