Fabric Lessons

Polar Fleece

  • Doesn’t fray so is beautiful, you can sew closer to the edge without worrying that the stitches will just ‘fall out’ as they might with the usual woven ones, unless you overlock or hem them.
  • Soft and cuddly, though my cut of white polar fleece seems to be more plushie/fluffy than the other colours that I have.
  • Would use this over anything.


  • Leaves small bits of fluff everywhere if you cut an edge, and this makes it extra difficult to sew because more and more of it falls out and goes everywhere.
  • Extremely slippery, so the more you sew the more the fabric slips until it’s not a straight line.
  • Slightly stretchy so usually you can get around the slippery issue with that fact.
  • Must hide the edges as otherwise fluff will continue to fall off, but generally does not fray other than this fact.
  • Seems to be have longer… fibres? Advised to go with ‘cuddle fabric’, if I can get my hands on it.