Extreme Couponing

I watch a lot of random shows when I need distractions, and one of these just happened to be called Extreme Couponing, a TLC show from the Unites States. It turns out some of it was rigged or dishonest in another way, that these people didn’t save or get a good deal as the show had made out they had - which I guess is to be expected from Television. But nonetheless, it’s surprising that you are able to get these kinds of deals overseas.

Concerns that I would have had here:

  1. People getting cranky behind you in line when you have 10 trolleys with 10 transactions to make, each one totally laden
  2. Transporting of all of these items home would be difficult (not that important, I guess)
  3. Cashiers having to split your orders and scanning a few dozen coupons
  4. Cashiers having to spend most of their shift just on your transactions because that’s how long it takes
  5. Stores letting people waltz out with 70-90% savings. What’s their profit margin?
  6. Hoarding of items depicted on the show, obsessions with ‘stockpiling’
  7. Buying a lot of junk food because it’s discounted or free
  8. Time and petrol wasted in specifically going to particular stores for deals

It seems my concerns aren’t unfounded anyway.

Coupons in Australia only either are for items that people generally aren’t too interested in, or require you to spend a certain amount (on something you don’t really want) to get a further discount or to get something for free. There’s no purpose to that. They often also involve discounts that are percentage based (10% off! 15% off!) or if for something like petrol single-digit cent based (4c off! 5c off!).

Which was why what was depicted on the series was so difficult to believe that supermarkets would let you walk out with $300 worth of groceries for $60 or less - it wouldn’t even cover the cashier’s wages. Turns out it’s not as glamourous as it seems anyway. While it was interesting to see this new way of saving money, I don’t think I’ll watch anymore of this series and go back to watching the other TLC series ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ instead (yet more crap).