It's hard to see outside of your own experiences.

The boss, that is the Country Director, said this earlier today. I’ve heard this from a couple of people recently and while I agree, I’ve always felt like if I said that to anyone they would simply accuse me of having no empathy. Especially right after they’ve said they feel like I’m an empathetic person. Let it not be me that dispels this illusion.

Nonetheless while I always try to see other people’s side of things, whether I succeed or fail I often don’t feel like people try to see mine. Whether it be in regards to my brand of introversion or something else, you mostly hear about the more common brand that others face as if it’s more valid than yours. Not because it is, but because again you’re in the minority and there’s simply not much attention there. There’s black and white, but what about the other shades of grey?

But my sense of things in the world is a bit skewed by my parents’ way of seeing the world, so I tend to defer to other people’s sense of what’s right or wrong. I see it as they are making a sacrifice in x way, so in return I can also make a sacrifice in y way. But it still feels like I’m getting the short end of the stick.