Media into the aether


Despite having been photographed or recorded various times with Ruben by the purported media at events such as I think I can (above), and the Chinese New Year celebrations at Belmore Park, I have yet to actually see any photos or video of us publicised online. Despite signing release forms, posing uncomfortably and nervously delivering lines, not being able to see the result makes it feel somewhat like wasted effort.

I wonder what message that gives us, when being told these were for a publication but the piece never showing up. I’m not vain, but I want to know what, if anything, was created with recordings of us. What did they do with them? Were we just taken advantage of? Are they sitting in someone’s harddrive or are they completely gone into the aether?

To be fair, they never gave us a guarantee, but when you make someone go through that whole process, there’s a certain expectation created. Well, yet more fruitless evenings of searching for these publications will result in fruitlessness once again.