Eurovision 2014

The winner for Eurovision this year was interesting to say the least, but of course everyone has a different opinion on what ‘good music’ is and who should have won. I didn’t participate, but I occasionally take the time to look t some of this years’ contestants - Is that what you call them?

While I think the song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ from winner Conchita Wurst (Austria) was interesting and did indeed hail back to James Bond themes, for me, there seemed to be an element missing from it. Other than a shave, of course, the message behind the bearded lady we see is pretty controversial, and more than likely spiraled her to her win. More power to her!

The song that has left me with the greatest impression at the moment however, is ‘Shine’, by the Tolmachevy Sisters of Russia. Their smiles and the energy of their song made this quite a nice song to listen to, and I enjoyed the harmonisation of their voices. Someone mentioned that this song sounds quite 80s.. perhaps that’s why I like it? Initially I thought these girls were pitching their voices too low for this song, but the more I listen to it, the more fitting it seems.

It’s a shame that these young girls were ‘boo-ed’ though, no doubt because of Russia’s actions right now, but the actions of their leader aren’t representative of the country’s peoples. Keep on those lovely smiles, girls.

As an aside from the music itself, the way the girls’ hairs were joined together at the beginning really was intriguing…

Of course Eurovision always takes me back to the 2009 Norway win, when Alexander Rybak won with ‘Fairytale, and still is my most favourite song, lyrics not withstanding. Sure, it’s simple, but it’s full of energy and I just can’t help liking a good violin. His voice seems to have changed in the past few years since his win though if you look at his more recent releases, I’m not sure I’m entirely a fan.