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(I'm not bashing anything, so if you're going to flame me, forget it. This is one person's opinion, so deal with it.)

Something in mX today really made me think. Although I don't have the newspaper in front of me right now, someone said something to the effect of 'if we're all equal, then why must I get up, why must I.... ' I forgot the rest. The point is that this is a man talking to a woman (I assume). If we're all equal, why do men still have to appear chivalrous, give their seats to women on the train, and so on?

This got me thinking. So if we are all equals, then what about others like the disabled, the elderly. Should be be as though they are equal to us, and not get up, respecting this pride we think they have that perhaps they want to pretend that they are not as old, frail as they seem. Or perhaps that we think we should not get up for say, a one legged man because he think he would want to preserve his dignity, and to show we are not pitying him for being disabled and treat him as an equal?

This idea of equality now seems highly overrated. As far as we're concerned, people will always have a hierarchy. Women are on the bottom because we are and have been for a long time - don't flame me for that, you know it's true. Be it as it may that men think that their positions are well deserved, the hypocrites. (Oh yes, I am a girl.) You say a woman's place is the kitchen, then you dominate the head roles of commercial kitchens. Where is the logic in that? You just want to occupy all the positions of higher power.

Oh I remember, someone also wrote 'why should men give up their jobs so employers can show they are women-whatever.....' Perhaps these women are genuinely deserving. Perhaps the employers actions are a little fueled by their intention, however, perhaps they are genuinely highly skilled. Isn't the fact that you consider roles to be taken by women only because the company wants to present the image that it doesn't discriminate mean that you already think these women are not deserving of these roles? So much of this equality you speak of. You already assume that because a man did not gain this position, an unsuited woman has been given the job for the sake of reputation. Sure this may be important, but if this woman is in a position where she has to make important decisions, if she cannot handle the job, they might as well have just signed a death warrant for themselves.

Stop jumping to your own conclusions. You think of equality in this way because you are still considering yourselves to be superior, and thusly more deserving of the position than a woman is - because she is a woman and the company wants to look good?

In older times, perhaps chivalry was an act to belittle women, to show them that they were not able to do anything by feeling the need to help them down, to push their chair in for them to... whatever it may be. Was that the purpose of these actions? You are helping her because you genuinely think she needs help in doing these things, or are you helping her because you think that perhaps it's something she can't achieve? Hmm? Is this not a new way of considering this situation?

I have no problems if you are genuinely helping me because I need the help, say if I'm juggling three bags, and a folder and trying to open a door with my elbow. Then I would appreciate it because you are seeing me as an equal and as someone who would want help if you consider yourself in that situation.

Nowadays I seem to consider acts of chivalry as perhaps more of a recognition that you exist and that they want to be helpful. Perhaps maybe a little repayment for the past? This is how I see it.

I don't see why people have to be forced into gender-like things. Such a good example is on the front of the newspaper today, the Sydney Morning Herald, with the headline 'Sexless in the city: a gender revolution". I'm not lying if I said I dislike being female. I don't know if I want to be male either. Being neutral the moment seems like a good idea, although I don't know what it says about population from now on (I don't think my children will really be missed.... I might regret writing this sentence...). People should stop forcing people into gender stereotypes and girls should not have to feel so conspicuous if they are the only girl in a group of 20 guys. (Meaning there should be less differences between the way genders think.)

Why do I have to wear a skirt to a formal occasion?

(more may be added later)