Endless Inertia


I’m at that stage of my life where reading an inspirational story simply depresses me rather that gives me that extra push to make something interesting out of my life.

A couple of days ago a friend linked me to this autobiographic article about how a guy secured himself a job as an illustrator at Google, despite having no credentials — a somewhat important distinction from qualifications. Read it before you read on, c’mon — it won’t take you long, and I’m not going anywhere.

Done? Well okay, the takeaways from the article were as Mr Alex Mathers outlined:


Be aware of early interests and talents.
College training can be really useful, unless it's not.
Doing interesting things that are useful to people will be useful for you.
Making friends with people in the right places can change your life.

I wrote several paragraphs here before addressing each of these points and how they have not helped my life and have deleted every single one of them. Yeah, no one ever reads my whining (and dining) anyway.

It’s so easy to point here and there and spout my bottled up bitterness that I can’t ever seem to let out because people don’t want to know or don’t care, but in the end to get something or get somewhere you simply need to do something. Anyone can say that — just stop complaining, and go and learn something so then you can do something with it that will give you that sense of achievement.

There are so many resources out there. Tutorial sites, Lynda, more tutorial sites, blogs, blogs, StackOverflow.

But what use is that if you can’t even take the first step?

People who give this advice have either have gone through to the other end of this standstill process already, or haven’t ever been through that situation themselves. I know what the end result is supposed to look like, I have given that advice myself, I’m sure. But I’m interested in the journey, in starting that journey. A small initial push from someone, anyone, to find something I/you want to do and then do it. Lookit me switching from first to second repeatedly like I want to get away from these issues.

How do you shift from that state of self-hating inertia where simply ending sometimes feels easier, and just start getting somewhere again?