Ending Easter

Easter dinner at Ruben's house

The long Easter break has reached its conclusion for this year, and it has certainly been quite different to all other years. But not in a bad way.

When I was in high school, often my father would ask how many Easter eggs or chocolate rabbits I wanted to purchase. Although I was usually quiet in class, I wanted to show my appreciation at these times of the year by offering my teachers chocolate (or Christmas gifts, if it was Christmas) — a habit from my primary school days when my mother would assist us in this chore.

I also made sure that I had enough for my circle of friends, giving hollow chocolate eggs to those I was friends with, but did not hang out with daily. While giving more ‘premium’ kinds of chocolate products to my close friends. I usually received a couple of eggs in return, infrequently.

That was the usual extent of our celebrations for Easter, with the exception that my parents conceded to break out the chocolate after our usual mealtimes. Even the yearly tradition of buying chocolate to give out to friends has regressed in past years though, as I see friends more infrequently and often unexpectedly, unlike the predictability of the schoolground.

That’s why it was particularly special to join Ruben and his family for an Easter roast dinner yesterday, the first time I experienced a dinner quite like that. I joined Ruben and his family for their Christmas dinner too, but with the dim yet cheerful lighting and the table arrayed with flickering candles, this dinner was really something else.

The extent of my experience with roasts before were either out of a cardboard box (frozen), or school camp dinners with dry chicken drumsticks and reheated limp frozen carrots and frozen peas. Although it was a fond and nostalgic memory for Ruben, for me it was a new memory, and perhaps the beginning of something too.

I squeezed in as much sweet potato, pumpkin and peas as I could, but I would have eaten everything on the table if my stomach capacity had been greater. Thank you to Ruben’s family for this great experience, and I am honoured that they included me in on their family tradition. I can only hope that I can join in on the magic again years to come…