End of a (Re)Generation

William Hartnell and miniature model Daleks/Photo by Getty Images

After picking up where I left off on the 26th, I caught up with Doctor Who today, and it has been an extremely interesting ride. I've only known Matt Smith well for about a week now, and it's strange to think that in a few weeks this will change to yet another new face, but on the same software.

There are definitely a lot of Tennant quirks that found their way into Matt Smith's Doctor, yet at the same time the Eleventh is a much more serious Doctor in some ways. Tenth had his serious side too but was overall more caring and merciful. Eleventh was more willing to watch and send people to their death if he needed to.

That's fine though. Since Moffat came in its obvious the story has become more dramatic. The companions are often impacted on so many more levels than just at the end of the series, the Doctor dies a lot more, things get much more desperate, but it has given the story a real depth and built upon past stories extremely well, making us rethink those stories, as well as making us wonder and contemplate what will come.

That's not to say Russell T. Davies did not endanger companions in his time or have the Doctor placed in life threatening situations, but the stories seemed more self contained, and was a gentler rider in alien territory. Although I'm nostalgic for that time, I can't deny Moffat has done some amazing work in bringing the series further, and Matt Smith also did some fantastic work in bring more depth to his character.

Good run.

Photo from The Sydney Morning Herald.