N-not like I want to talk to you or anything

Listening to Back to Work, one of Ruben's favourite podcasts

Recently during commutes while I’m away from my trusty MacBook, its wired-and-wireless-connectedness and video-goodness, I’ve whittled away the long hours listening to podcasts on my newly acquired iPhone 4S.

Sometimes it’s only half heartedly as I doze, short on that magical sleep (oops). But sometimes it with raptness and amusement, ignoring the curious stares from other passengers on the train as I smile or laugh away.

The cheerful and sometimes-cheeky voices are a nice accompaniment on the 2-hour commutes back and forth from work on Fridays as well as my daily walks. However the one downfall of recorded podcasts is that it doesn’t function like a Skype call you’re actually on — you can’t actually talk to them as much as it feels like you’re party to their private conversations.

I just can't talk to you

Most podcasters encourage their listeners to contact them via email with comments about the show, or suggestions. I find myself unable to, and fighting my inhibitions with much difficulty.

Similar to the complaints which arose when Google first introduced the ability to email complete strangers if you didn’t ‘opt-out’ of their new Google+ feature, emailing someone feels like an invasion of their privacy, even when expressly given the permission to. Even more so when it’s someone that you admire even a little.

As you may know, Ruben had to provide some encouragement drag me over last week before I was able to greet Alvin Quah at the Chinese New Year celebrations. Most times I’m content to watch someone from afar and take faraway photos of them in a stalkerish manner to prove that I actually saw them up close, kyaaaa! It’s not in my character to step up to or actually make contact with someone that I have admiration for.

It’s a similar problem here. ‘Celebrities’, whether you would define them so or not, to me seem untouchable and a little person like me shouldn’t bother to contact them, nor would they care what I had to say. It took a great deal of courage for me to attempt to try sending a tweet at aforementioned podcasters last week, as I hesitated for many minutes over the draft before finally posting it. I received no response, of course.

For now, I’ll be keeping my comments to myself since anything I compose in my head just sounds like whining about differences because I’m still young and able and carefree. But who knows, maybe someday I’ll have the courage or have something I want to say badly enough that I’ll decide to shoot them an enthusiastic, but polite, email.

In the meantime, perhaps I’ll drop into a live show one day. For some reason I have no inhibitions about that. Perhaps it’s the anonymity.