Election Date with @Rubenerd

Morning Glory wares

Yes, it was election day yesterday, but Ruben and I had a different agenda for the day than just voting. As you'll all know by now, Toby Abbot was elected as the new Prime Minister of Australia yesterday and I don't know what the result of the Senate vote was, but the last time that I checked, it seemed set that the Liberals/Nationals will be the ruling party in there as well. Wonderful. Nice to see my time spent voting below the line made a difference - but who really knows if it did.

In any case, after voting in the morning, a coffee/milkshake break and a spot of lunch Ruben and I were off towards the city for a postponed celebration, displaced by a mixture of stuff that happened in the past months. To be honest I wasn't really expecting it, I had simply wished for a day of relaxation with Ruben, but we finally made the promised trip to the Guylian Cafe at The Rocks. :)

Ruben initially had a location in mind, but regretfully what he was looking for was not there, so we explored Chinatown for a bit. Dixon Centre reminded us of shopping centres in Singapore/Hong Kong, it was nice to imagine that we were somewhere in Asia. We explored Morning Glory, looking at their wares and bought a few items before we decided it was time to get a wriggle on towards Circular Quay.

Belgian Waffles

The day was pretty warm, the temperature no different despite the changes of scene. Although it was muggy, the air-conditioning inside the Guylian Cafe was refreshing. Ruben ordered a Mocha and after much deliberation and some recommendation an iced chocolate was ordered for me and Belgian waffles with chocolate and seasonal fruit for us to share. The waffles were light yet crispy, the chocolate was rich, and the iced chocolate was top notch, though it all was just a bit too heavy by the end.

We wandered through the weekend markets at The Rocks shortly before they started to pack up. We still managed to catch a glimpse at some amazing stuff though - hopefully we'll manage to make it over there earlier next time for a more in-depth look at all the wonderful creativity!

Angel PlaceQueen Victoria Building

We started heading back to Town Hall, with intents to drop by Kinokuniya, but seeing as we ran out of time, we simply made a stop by the Angel Place art installation and Dymocks before beginning the trip back home.

All in all it was a great day, even though it ended in the election results being announced (sigh) and Ruben had started to feel a bit beneath the weather. It was just the kind of break the two of us needed from the full-on past few weeks of uni and a chance to catch up on our list of places to go, plus Ruben intended it to be a chance for us to catch up on celebrating our one-year anniversary which we didn't really get a chance to celebrate properly considering both Ruben's recovery progress at the time and the timing, since SMASH! was just around the corner. (Yes, I know there was a lot of repeated words there).

Still, I had been content with the small celebration we had then, but this was just the icing on the cake. Thank you for a great year, Ruben, and I hope we have many more to share in the future. :)