Earth Hour

Danbo surrounded by glowsticks

Earth Hour was spent most joyfully today in the dark at the Bavarian Bier Cafe on York Street, in Sydney. As the lights turned off at 8.30PM (the room was dim to begin with), more glowsticks began to appear around the room. Staff members handed out glowsticks to patrons, as the music continued and we continued our meal.

What happened for us is that it resulted in a most joyful photo session. There were already candles on the table when we arrived, but we took the opportunity to engage in more photography of a Danbo obtained from the resourceful Chris!

I did feel it was somewhat ironic though, that by participating in Earth Hour and raising awareness of climate change and thus helping the environment, by making it an event for all patrons to get involved with, what in fact happened was the generation of more ‘rubbish’ in terms of all the glowsticks which people will no doubt be disposing of in trash bins.

Is an effective method? I don’t think so, but nonetheless, the experience was enjoyable, and probably the most productive Earth Hour I’ve had to date!