Early Adopter or Laggard?

iPhone with Samsung Phone

Just as phones have been increasingly creeping to larger sizes throughout the past few years, I find it interesting that the size of my screen has in fact shrunk from what it was a year ago.

I’m not one for rumours usually, since I don’t feel there is a need to speculate or dig around for these details when they will be released in due time. Perhaps I like to be surprised, or perhaps I’m just naive — time will tell — nonetheless, I’m not sure how to greet the continued reports of Apple working on larger phone sizes.

Warning: This post has no substance.

A Tale of Two Companies

Once upon a time, the main reason for me getting a Samsung Galaxy Note I(1) was the generous screen real estate that allowed me to continue using my phone much like I used my Android tablets in the past. Having started out using 3G devices on a tablet, I was unaccustomed to accessing the internet on a device smaller than 5-6 inches.

It was always a relief to return to my tablet, yet at the same time a pain. At 7-inches, there is no way it can fit in your pocket and you always need two hands to operate it, as one is always occupied in holding it. Even at 5-inches, one is hard pressed to reach all the way across the screen to use the letters on the farmost side of the keyboard, and often I watched Ruben typing with ease on his iPhone 4 with some envy.

As I wrote earlier this year though, I made the leap of faith and jumped ship to Apple in January, and to a friendlier ecosystem that worked more harmoniously with my other Apple devices… and just in general. I said goodbye to large screen sizes, although I still entertained the idea of getting the iPhone 5 variations, where the slight strip of space really did make all the difference.


A friend once told me I was ahead of trends, as I had a netbook when we both first started in university in 2010, then netbooks started becoming a ‘thing’ in 2012 (or so he thought) when he finally bought one. At that point I had just moved over to using a Mac, on the tail of everyone else who had started falling on Macs as well the previous year. Am I really, or am I just a late adopter?

As I look at phones now at almost 6.4 inches diagonally in length, more than an inch more than my Galaxy Note I which people used to exclaim over about its size, I’m wondering who has changed, or if it’s both of us. Perhaps I would have continued along the same lines if I’d lived in Hong Kong where large phones were the trend?

Am I more mature in thinking that I don’t need all that space and practicality is a factor for me (it is now greatly more portable for me), as well as making finding cases and screen protectors more convenient for myself as Apple releases are slow? Or have people just begun to embrace ‘phablets’ when so many disliked the name and thought the idea silly as phones and tablets served different purposes… somehow. I’m sure that wasn’t the real reason.

Is our technology getting bigger? Smaller? Bigger on the outside but smaller on the inside? It’s all very mysterious, and we can only guess where we’ll be going next..