Doctor Who Sherlocked.. Or the other way 'round

Doctor Who Sherlocked

I think this is one of my favourite shirt designs at the moment, considering I just came out of what could be termed a Doctor Who marathon. With filming on the next Sherlock season also finished now, we are all eager to know how he really survived, but this idea really doesn't seem so far fetched with Moffat heading up both series.

Sherlock Series 3 will begin airing with the new year it seems in many countries, and after such a long wait, it's almost strange to think that this new series will wrap up within a month's time. Nothing is confirmed for Australia at the moment, but I'm rather excited to see how they pulled this off and which of the many theories are true. (Their advertising campaigns are inventive as always.)

In the meantime, there's the Doctor Who Christmas Special, I suppose.