Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor Who Google Doodle Game

It's actually kind of hard to believe that Doctor Who has been around for only 50 years, but I suppose that's just testament to how far our technology has progressed in these 50 years. Or maybe I just have a really bad impression of time and what the 60s was like. That's probably it.

All the Doctor Who fans are excited and gearing up for this weekend's specials, and even Google came out with a special 'Google Doodle' today — a Doctor Who game where you choose which Doctor you want to be and then try to gather the letters of the word 'Google' while avoiding Daleks. I only tried the first two levels though since I died too much went through too many regenerations.

That having been said, I probably won't be tuning in this weekend, since I'm still so far behind on the series. I'm still stuck at a point in time (so to speak) just before David Tennant left from being the Tenth Doctor. Ah, Tenth was my favourite since he was the first one I really knew well, but Christopher Eccleston had his charm too. I'll admit now that I was hung up on Tenth, so I didn't want to begin watching Matt Smith's episodes, and consequently fell more and more behind, but I will give you that he does make a mean Doctor and has his own quirky charm.

I have watched some of the new series, out of order, but still understandable to a degree (especially after reading some of Wikipedia..). I definitely need to watch more now though, since there's even a companion with the same name as me. The Christmas Special she joined as the new companion was a good piece of fun.

At some point I'll catch up on the episodes and then there'll be a mountain of anniversary stuff waiting for me too. It's a big task ahead, but one I'll hopefully be able to do soon — once I actually have all the episodes to watch!

So don't forget to tune in on ABC1 this Sunday for the specials~

Google Daleks