The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Dr Lucien Blake from the Doctor Blake Mysteries

Finally carrying on from the various ABC TV iView series that I’ve been watching, one show that I’ve been really interested in lately is an Australian production called ‘The Doctor Blake Mysteries’, set in Ballarat, Victoria in 1959. Aside from the historical reproduction aspects being interesting, such as the way cinemas operated in those days and all the old cars and signage covering the streets, the old style of crime solving is also quite curious.

Dr Lucien Blake, the protagonist of the series, is no ordinary doctor. Although he has a practice, he also happens to be the local police surgeon and gets himself really embroiled in cases he really shouldn’t be investigating as he’s not really part of the force. But his insights and various junior police officers that side with him result in his findings positively influencing the investigation anyway, and even perhaps savings a few lives, as when he drove his car to shield his police officer friend from a spray of bullets.

But the thing that strikes me the most about this series is actually it’s production quality. A lot of the time I can pick out Australian media from the way it’s been cut, the music that’s been used, and of course just the accents in general. The Doctor Blake Mysteries however has none of this ‘produced in Australia’ vibe I usually get, and the accents seemed more tempered somehow - although when I played a short snippet for Ruben he said he could immediately tell that it was by Australians.

Perhaps part of it is due to The Doctor Blake Mysteries being such a serious production, rather than the slapstick and silly comedy shows that I most often see. Either way, the show’s opening and closing themes are my new favourite songs recently. With Series 3 apparently coming soon, sounds like I’ll be able to hear it for a while to come!

Footnote: I’m so proud of Dr Blake for making it to the BBC. So many of the BBC’s shows end up on our television screens, but much less the other way around. The Dr Blake series is really high quality Aussie TV. :)

Image from December Media.