Do You Hear The People Sing on June 4

It has been mere weeks since my dad bought and we watched the latest Les Miserables movie together in the kitchen late one night.

Before I watched this movie I had no idea that the song ‘Do You Hear The People Sing’, which the students at my brother’s high school played one Presentation Night, originated from this song; although the song was difficult to my from my memory for a while.

Recently it has been cropping up again, especially in regards to power to the people in trying to call for change. You would think that they would take the advice from the play (you’ll have to see how it ends for yourself, to avoid spoilers, but it was not an entirely happy end). However despite the result of the play, this song has still stood for people uniting and standing up for what they believe in.

This can be no truer on 64, which I made a short post about last year. It’s particularly a sensitive date amongst pressures from Mainland China on Hong Kong to place more emphasis on Mandarin in schools rather than Cantonese, which I also made a post about in March.

It has been playing non-stop on Hong Kong news this week for these reasons as young Chinese people upload their Cantonese versions to YouTube. The parallels between Les Miserables and the Tiananmen Square protests is uncanny though, the student-led protests which led to a similar unfortunate end… oops, I guess I spoiled after all.

Want some more footage? Take a look at this Taiwanese video where they show June 4 footage with this same song, ‘Do You Hear The People Sing’, in Mandarin.

It is curious how far-reaching this song is though.