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I'm not usually someone that likes to write about themselves, in fact I find it rather awkward to as though I find myself someone important and people are actually interested in what I write. I hear that this is not only the case with myself however, so I find myself taking comfort in that - slightly. Still, that doesn't make it easier to do!

Me with Emily

Without any further ado, my name is Clara (on the left above) however I like to go by the name 'Kiri' online. Clara is my legal given name whereas Kiri is a name I have chosen with a long history and has even spread into use in the lovely land we like to call IRL (or In Real Life). But enough of that.

I'm currently starting a new course this new semester at UTS, a Masters of Interactive Multimedia. In a way this course is to supplement my previous Bachelors of Information Technology, but it's also the first chance I've had to try to pursue some more subjects in an area I'm interested in and the first time I've had such freedom in electives, even though they are limited in number. Unfortunately the course I had before was mostly focused on Business IT and Management, which made it rather more difficult to get a chance to study multimedia which I've had a long-held fascination with.

Denko logo for Digital Multimedia

With this current subject, Digital Media Technologies, I hope to learn the skills which I have wanted to learn for a long time, but have never really known how to start. This subject in a way will give me the excuse and the drive to delve a bit deeper into a world which I have already touched upon, but not gone deep enough into. I've relied on others' knowledge in this area, and admired it deeply, for a long time. Now is the time to do something about it.

What attracts me about digital media technologies and interactive multimedia I'm not all too certain about, but looking at the artistic products of other peoples' minds settles an awe in me that drives me to create something that I can be satisfied with and perhaps show off with some pride. I want to create things which others can enjoy and that I can also enjoy.

Hatsune Miku

For me, success in this subject would be to gain an understanding in all the areas covered, and perhaps through some additional self-study and the help of friends, learn about the things I've wanted to know about for a long time. Although I would be aiming for a high mark, marks will not drive me in this subject, as I chose this course to have some fun and enjoy what I do fully for the first time.

Although I am skeptical about my own personal strengths, I find that I often have good attention to detail and am diligent in following through. I am critical of both my own and others' works and so often make many constant changes, continually improving. When I say that I will do something, I am usually always sure to follow through.

There is a lot that I would like to improve upon and develop, but for now I would like to be more open to other languages, both markup and programming. For a long time I've avoided PHP, but now I really want to be able to understand it and write it even if it's a fairly awful language (this is just an opinion). As I said previously though, I feel as though there is a lot that I would like to improve on, but this is my current focus, and I would like to learn some Systems Administration skills in the future.

Me with a camera

The opportunities I see for myself are mostly in implementing any learned skills into my current existing web presences, my personal blog and my personal website. As I would like to improve my web presence, this would be a good chance for me to practice and apply learned skills as well as to personally seek solutions for any problems which arise.

My learning objectives is to basically get a better understanding of all areas of this subject in as much depth as I can, which is why this subject particularly interests me (even as it similarly daunts me), and see what my previous degree can do to assist me in this subject, such as my previous experience with SQL. As always, any threats, challenges or obstacles I would face is probably time, which the management of has often been an issue for me in the past and most likely will continue to be.

Predominately my experience with digital media has been through digital drawing and creating illustrations in programs such as Photoshop. I am happy to call myself an artist, however I would not put myself up as a graphics designer as I don't consider myself qualified, nor do I create works that are of high enough caliber. I've also created websites, none of which I consider very good and are purely from CSS and HTML. Thus I have a good knowledge of several art programs and a fairly good knowledge of markup languages, however I don't consider this good enough.

Amazon Web Services

The URL I am sharing with you here is to Amazon Web Services. I don't know what it may say about my area of interest in digital media technologies, but I suppose that it is a platform that allows a lot of digital media and data to be on the web and allows it to be shared with many others across the world. I think of it as an interesting and innovative use of web technology, mostly in the way it started up. Amazon started as just a website selling books, yet the service demands which peaked in December called for more servers in order to handle to load. Finding these not used most of the year though, Amazon leased out this unused server space to provide web services for other websites across the internet.

I had often seen this url, amazonaws, but I'd never really known what it was, and I think many are also in the same boat where they might have heard this name before but just never realised what it was. It's interesting to see just how many sites Amazon supports, some of them huge corporations such as Tumblr.

Leading on from this, Cloud Computing is an area which I am pretty interested and passionate about as more enterprises move towards XaaS (X as a Service) models and implement this through the use of the Cloud. The Cloud is increasingly popular through sites such as Google, Dropbox, Sales Force, Amazon Web Services and iCloud increasingly allow this access to the 'Cloud' to consumers.

However, upon uploading your (likely) personal data to the internet, you have to consider, who is owning your data? You should own all the data which you upload, but there are sometimes exceptions. Also there is no way of knowing who has access to your data. Your data is being stored on servers which are not maintained by you and are outside of your control, so the only way you can exercise your control is to exercise your control over what data you put up. The Cloud is significantly changing the way we work and the way in which we approach businesses and problems, however there are significant issues that people also know little about. And Just Because Everyone is Doing It isn't always a good reason to follow the crowd, we are losing important parts of our industry which is changing the technology landscape.

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