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I'm always a little lax with this in the middle of the week.

Wednesday = Programming Fundamentals

... Do I even recall what happened that day?... Uhm, so we had our lecture. Oh, with a different lecturer! I can't say I remember his name, however, he was pretty good. He's also a subject tutor I think, since he takes one of the tutorial/workshop classes. This week we actually had to submit the work we did in our workshop to PLATE. The previous class seemed to have a lot of trouble trying to make it work. It seemed later on that we had to submit them as .jar files, since the system wasn't taking .zips. When I (finally managed to) finish(ed) mine, I .jar-ed it wrong and it didn't work. xD Thank goodness Zen helped me by telling me that I probably made the file wrong. Not that we were given any instruction on that... sigh

Short summaries today...

Thursday = No classes

But I still spent the whole day doing Unix/LinuxGym, though I got distracted a lot...

Friday = Web Unix Systems

Indeed. Well, since I did the chapter that we were doing for that lesson the previous day, I was pretty much done, so I divided my time helping the others and doing the next chapters. Unix is really fun, and I reckon it'll give me a lot less nightmares than Java will...

Very short this time, but there's not much to say, really. I'll write more next time.

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