Diamond Wars

Despite what the Tiffany’s receipt might suggest, diamonds have no inherent value. They are far more abundant than we are led to believe, and they cannot be resold at even a fraction of their purchase price. For inexplicable reasons, our modern culture continues to celebrate their supposed rarity and glamour. Many men have fallen on the uphill battlefield of questioning this social norm. How did this mineral gain a monopoly on representing love? At what point did romance become synonymous with a stone dug from the earth? The history of the diamond industry is riddled with brutal corruption, brilliant ad campaigns, and the slick corporate maneuverings of one of the world’s most deplorable cartels.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t really like diamonds. I was always more an ruby-emerald-amethyst-pearl-opal kind of girl anyway. For what it’s worth, what De Beers has done is despicable - not that one person talking about it would stop them anyway.

The article was found while wasting time looking at ‘ethical engagement rings’ of various celebrities, with people arguing that if people wanted to be ethical they wouldn’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on stones anyway and donate them to good causes. Others argued that celebrities probably donate more than we do anyway, perhaps the same percentage, but a greater amount because they earned a greater amount. Given they worked hard for this money, they had the right to spend it on what they wanted surely? Well, each to their own.

To be honest none of those rings look that pretty to me anyway, but maybe my style - whatever that is - is just too understated.